Multi-instrumentalist, Nathan Kolosko performs and composes music that is both original and eclectic. Music that embraces a wide breadth of repertoire and genres, while melding ancient traditions with contemporary approaches and sensibilities. His compositions have been performed and recorded by musicians around the globe and are currently published by Doberman-Yppan & Productions D'Oz.

Nathan's recordings have gained the attention of numerous critics. "A high-octane agenda from a guitarist with the skill, imagination, and confidence to bring it alive." - Classical Guitar, London. Collaboration is a source of inspiration for Nathan. His collaborators have included musicians Carl Dimow and Dan Cosley, visual/performance artist Ling-Wen Tsai, and the middle eastern ensemble Zapion.

Nathan has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including grants from the Allied Arts Foundation and D'Addario Strings and the Maine Arts Commission. Nathan is a dedicated teacher, devoted to helping his students achieve their own personal musical goals. Nathan has taught private and group lessons for over 25 years on topics ranging from Classical Guitar to the music of The Beatles. He has published several pedagogical works and composed numerous compositions specific to his students needs.

Progressive Duets Published

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Not your average book of duets. This collection of pieces is intended for the beginning reader. The duets progress from simple rhythms on open strings to playing complete melodies using first position notes on the first three strings.  

New notes, rhythms, dynamics, articulations, and formal structures are introduced throughout the collection. The book culminates in pieces that are recital worthy and fun to play. Dedicated students finish this collection with basic reading skills, a mastery of essential rhythms and meters, and a thoughtful and artistic approach to their music making. Twenty duets in total. (16-pages)